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Lessons Learned

Adventures of Sam in A Treehouse

2 May
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It could get a little crazy in here.

Welcome to the Profile of one Sam Winchester. Occupant of 1 Treehouse in the middle of nowhere. I know I know it all sounds a little strange but one day Lucifer built this huge Treehouse and invited all of us to come over. And when I say all of us I mean... well all of us, from human to demon from hunter to angel, I mean all of us. We are trying to work out our differences and it's slow going but I think we are all managing. I'm trying to deal with the fact that I might have just saved the world and other silly things that come up. It's not a major thing the Treehouse, I mean we all have our fun but sometimes things do get a little serious. But then what can you expect, with all of us posting in one big place. We're just working with what we've got.
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